UK: RHA warns of £300 fines for incomplete tachograph documentation

Публикувано на: Monday, 18 April, 2022

The Road Haulage Association has warned its members about the £300 Fixed Penalty Notice drivers can receive if their 28 days of tachograph records are not comprehensive. This means that apart from driving and resting hours, sickness and leave must also be recorded on the device.

In a blog post published last Friday, the RHA noted that the rules about the comprehensive tachograph records have been in force since August 2020, but the DVSA still hasn’t issued any guidance about it.

While drivers and hauliers are aware of the fines for mistakes on the tachograph prints when it comes to drivers’ hours’ regulations, many of the staff in the transportation sector might have missed the fact that the same measures apply for not recording sickness or leave.

As a result, the RHA has reminded its members that a “recording can only be recorded on a digital tachograph and analogue tachograph or a print out from the tachograph with the driver’s details printed on the front.”

“There should be no breaks in the tachograph activity print outs,” the association added.

The RHA has thus urged transport companies to educate their drivers on these regulations, regularly refresh their knowledge, and the company’s analysis teams to pay special attention to these mistakes.

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